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Mobile Friendliness Now A Google Ranking Factor

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Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Changes

The exact impact of these changes are yet unknown, however, there is a lot of information available. According to Zineb from Google, the changes in the rankings will affect mobile search only, desktop searches will not be affected. We also know that Google’s personalized results are a closely tied to mobile devices. Google’s personalized searches are partly based on user history, and user history is partly based on Google’s search results, since top websites in the search are more likely to end up in the user history. This means if your website drops as a result of the update, the impact could be profound because your competition will benefit from the lasting impact the visit has on the user’s future personalized ranking results.

This update is part of a push by Google towards a deeper integration between search and the mobile experience, connecting data from your mobile device to help deliver the best personalized search results. For example, if you search for ‘chicken noodle soup recipes’ on Google in the future, you would also have the option to search your gmail with one click.

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