Internet Marketing

There is a lifetime of reading on the topic of Internet marketing. To make matters worse, the best course of action is often prone to change.

The big picture, however, doesn’t change as often. In addition to our search engine marketing services, IWS offers valuable insight into Internet marketing and other digital marketing strategies.

Internet Marketing Overview

Think of your website’s traffic as a river. The greater the number of tributaries and the larger the size of the tributaries, the more water runs into your river. Your goal then is to create as many tributaries as possible for your visitors to reach your site. This can be daunting because the internet is a big place with lots of good and bad opportunities. The work isn’t easy, but thankfully, once you have done your work these tributaries will often continue to deliver targeted visitors to your website year after year.

The most basic rule is known as the Golden Law of Internet marketing:


It’s simple. The more content you offer, the more reasons there are for people to visit your site.

The better the information you offer the more people will link to you.

Each link carries multiple benefits.

First, links bring traffic. Second, additional links increase the “popularity” of your site, a key ingredient in your search engine rankings.

How does Google decide who to rank you ask? Answering this question is known as search engine optimization (SEO) .

Search engine optimization SEO is one of the fundamentals of Internet marketing. Search engine optimization services can run from $10,000 to six figures!!! Why? Search engines bring proactive and highly targeted customers to your business. With SEO, a big up-front investment will return targeted traffic indefinitely. Studies show top search engine rankings translate into increased credibility for your brand.

Your site’s popularity is determined by the the number and quality of your organic links

(not including other search engines). Google does it’s best to not consider paid links, however many types of paid links can benefit your perceived importance in your field. So, what’s the best approach, you ask? All of them to some degree. The best source of traffic? Search engines because it is highly targeted and ‘incoming’ meaning people are actively looking for certain information, services, or products. Therefore, search engine marketing, using both search engine optimization and pay per click ads, are the backbone of any serious Internet marketing campaign.

Linkbait is content that’s “viral;” content so good everybody links to and recommends to their friends. Press releases are a great way to launch linkbait, but your compelling content, or links to it can be submitted where ever you go, forums, blogs, craigslist, email, etc.

So far we have covered free sources of traffic, but there are plenty of paid Internet marketing strategies.

  • PPC Management : Website owners buy advertising space from Google but only¬† Pay Per Click meaning a visitor lands on your website. Advertising platforms including Google, Yahoo!, MSN offer PPC advertising on websites across the Internet
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Media Buys : Purchase links on leading sites across the Internet.
  • Co-registration : Opt-in on steroids!!! Buy leads from leading web properties.

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