Trade Show Software

Conventions, exhibitions, trade shows become year-round events with Virtual Event.

Organizers increase the value of your service and build name recognition while creating a new source of advertising revenue.

Virtual Event Trade Show Software

  • Organizers get user accounts for each client
  • Clients submit organization/booth description, contact info, etc.
  • Organizers sites become directories, publishing in a variety of ways.

Virtual Event benefits:

  • Public access to your event year round
  • Searchable contact information connects the public with your clients.
  • Revenue potential through online advertising
  • Distributes workload, ads entered directly by advertisers

Virtual Event features:

  • Graphic design done new, or using your current layout
  • Search the show by keywords and navigate the event by categories
  • Accounts for exhibitors to publish advertising on your site
  • Administrative oversight of published advertisements

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