Mark Cuban’s Tips For Pitching Your Business

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Mark Cuban is a billionaire. He is also incredibly generous with his investments and with his advice to young entrepreneurs.

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Last week at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference Mark Cuban broke down four basics to your perfect business pitch.

1) Your company’s core competency: What is the primary benefit you offer, and why is your solution better than the rest?

2) Why your team is great: How does an investor know that you and your team will be able to overcome the countless obstacles in the way of a successful startup.

3) Protecting the idea: How do you know this idea won’t be scooped up by someone doing it better, or for less.

4) Ability to scale up: Many companies are able to get going by carving out a small piece of the market. But, many companies also struggle to scale-up to capture a bigger share of the market.  Service-oriented businesses in particular are very difficult to scale.

Mark Cuban also reminded viewers that funding isn’t the “end-all, be-all,” instead Cuban emphasizes cash flow.  Cuban is looking for company’s with insane cash-flows. With cash flow it is easy for an investor to keep funding a company as it matures. Cuban also warned that it’s a mistake to say your company is disruptive if it captures a mere slice of a billion-dollar market.

For more, watch the video.

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