Adwords Management Portland

It is easy to blow through any budget on Adwords if you don’t know what you are doing. Follow the advice of the platforms and you will spend far too much. Expert PPC management on the other hand pays for itself by allocating your ad budget where the return is the highest.

Turning on an adwords campaign is easy, it’s designed that way. Strong messaging and expert use of the adwords platform is the recipe for the greatest return on your advertising dollars. Every keyword is it’s own market, every search is a new auction.

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Adwords Management Portland

In the Adwords auctions the best bid, message, targeting and conversion strategy varies from keyword to keyword. Even different auctions on the same keyword will be different auction to auction. Through testing and data analysis of all the metrics related to your campaign we make changes to optimize targeting, messaging, and conversion strategies. The result of our adwords management service is the biggest revenue bang for your advertising buck.

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Adwords management services usually include keyword research, tracking setup, writing and testing of ads, creating landing pages, customer targeting, and camapign monitoring. The secret sauce is the data, hard numbers we use to optimize your targeting, ads, and content.


Adwords campaigns may also include remarketing and display advertising on major properties across the internet.

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